Elizaveta D.

Elizaveta D.

Qualifications and experience: Degree Program Foreing languages in Business CZU,Pilsen. English certificate level C1 (OSL); October 2021-June 2022 - Tutur of foreign languages (english, russian, czech), Populo School, Pilsen

Study/work abroad: Intership (Erasmus program) University of Limoges,France (January-June 2022)

With EUFRAT since: September 2022 

Language(s) taught at EUFRAT: english, czech, russian

I teach: children, adults

Vaše hodnocení

  • Štěpánka B.: Jsem spokojená.


What brought you to the Czech Republic, and what made you join the EUFRAT team? I wanted to pursue higher education abroad and build a career in Europe. I chose Eufrat school because of the friendly atmosphere and the opportunity to develop my skills

In my lessons, what do I usually use? Introdaction with a small talk, 4 parts of educational system(reading, listening, writing and speaking)

What can the students look forward to? Be more confident in communication, language for every day life, for work, adaptation to a new country  

What is, in your opinion, the mission of a language tutor? A language tutor plays a role not just in teaching grammar and vocablurary but in inspiring confidence, cultural understanding, and a lifelong love for language learning

And how would you describe your students? I see them as individuals on a unique language adventure, each with their own motivations and learning styles. I appreciate their curiosity, resilience, and the diversity they bring to the learning environment.

Is there a lasting lesson you hope students take from your classes? I hope students take away the lasting lesson that language learning is not just about acquiring words and grammar rules but is a journey of exploration and cultural understanding. I want them to see the beauty in the diversity of languages and embrace the process of communication as a means to connect with others.

What is, according to you, the best thing about EUFRAT? Community and freedom of choice in work, respectful attitude

Is there a message you would like to send to your future students? Language is a tool for connection, so enjoy the journey, be patient with yourself, and relish the moments when you can express yourself in new and exciting ways.


Optional questions:

  • Book: Fahrenheit 451
  • Movie: The Intouchables
  • Sea or mountains: sea
  • Summer or winter: summer
  • Favourite destination: french culture
  • How I spend my free time: yoga, travelling, studies

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