John P.


Name: John P.

Qualifications and experience: Structure and design -Independent Digital Recording Interface Instructor. Five years in Czechia as a Corporate Tutor

With EUFRAT since: 2019

Language taught at EUFRAT: English


Interview with the Tutor:

What brought you to the Czech Republic and what made you to join EUFRAT team? My future wife is Czech and life changing experiences. Eufrat is like a breath of fresh air.

What is, in your opinion, the misson of a language tutor? To help students communicate to the best of their ability in a chosen language.

What would your students say about you? Energetic, Informative and always prepared.

And how would you describe your students? hard working, Involved and very keen

Is there a lasting lesson you hope students take from your classes? Repeat, repetition and remember

What is, accroding to you, the best thing about EUFRAT? Eufrat is the future of learning a language, they have a friendly and fresh approach to learning a modern language

•  Is there a message you would like to send to yur future studetns? Join, attend, learn and advance forward

And briefly

• Favourite book: 1984

• Favourite movie: Kes

• Band / Record: David Bowie – Ziggy stardust and The spiders from Mars

• Sea or mountains: Great Smoky Mountains

• Summer or winter: Summer, sun ,sea and life

• Dog or cat: “woof woof” a Dog


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