Solomon K.

Solomon K.

Name and surname: Solomon Uzomah
Qualifications and experience: TEFL certificate (British Columbia,Canada), MSC in Pharmacy, Teaching general English ,business English and preparing students for FCE,CAE,TEFL and IELTS since 2016
With EUFRAT since: 2021
Language taught at EUFRAT: English

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What brought you to the Czech Republic, and what made you to join EUFRAT team?  That’s a difficult question but my initial intention was to study in the UK/USA but after being admitted to study in Czech Republic  in 2013 plus the fact that generally i am a risk-taker  i decided to take a punt and  explore this beautiful Country.Looking back,i’d say i made a smart and worthwile decision. I came across Eufrat on google  whilst looking for possibilities to work from home.The language school is prominent for it’s organization and excellence in language learning.
What is, in your opinion, the mission of a language tutor? To inspire,encourage and make the students confident so that they can easily learn and speak the language without any fear.
What would your students say about you? That i am hard-working , jovial,funny and make learning English fun and easy.
And how would you describe your students? Bold and motivated
Is there a lasting lesson you hope students take from your classes?
That if they stay motivated and work hard,it is possible to speak English like a native!
What is, according to you, the best thing about EUFRAT? 
For me the professionalism and organization of the school.
Is there a message you would like to send to your future students?
Expect a unique and fun way  of learning which yield fantastic results at the end of the day.


And briefly

Favourite book: The Hobbit by J.R.R.Tolkien
Movie: Pretty woman
Band / Record: Both.I’d listen to any music other than Hard rock/Metal
Sea or mountains: Montains
Summer or winter: Summer
Dog or cat: Cats are sneaky so dogs!   

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