Cecilia R.

  • Name and surname: Cecilia Raponi
  • Qualifications and experience: Mother tongue Italian, actress since 1998, teacher of Italian diction since 2004, acting teacher since 2004. 
  • With EUFRAT since: 2017
  • Language taught at EUFRAT: Italian


  • Interview with the Tutor: Marketa Mlarnik
  • What brought you to the Czech Republic, and what made you to join EUFRAT team? I came to the Czech Republic for my husband's work at DJKT in Plzen and Jihočeské Divadlo. A dear friend and English teacher at the Eufrat spoke to me very well about this school and as soon as I could take the opportunity to teach here!
  • What is, in your opinion, the mission of a language tutor? In any field, a teacher must be a guide, a counselor, not an example to imitate, but enough to follow. He must not necessarily know anything, but he must be positive, encouraging and above all sincere. A teacher gives you the keys to open the door to what you still do not know and helps you to find out.
  • What would your students say about you? My students say I'm a power-savvy teacher, a little bit crazy, out of the schemas but who can reach the goal.
  • And how would you describe your students? All those who are really curious, with the desire to go beyond their bounds and get more and more to the test.
  • Is there a lasting lesson you hope students take from your classes? What I hope to give to my future students is the desire to discover new things, never content themself, to awaken the curious child hide in each of us.
  • What is, according to you, the best thing about EUFRAT? Its seriousness, precision and punctuality, in addition to a young and confident environment.
  • Is there a message you would like to send to your future students? The best message I would like to arrive is: CARPE DIEM, take the moment and we will never regret anything!


  • And briefly: I waiting for you!!!!!
  • Favourite book: “The secret garden” Frances Hogdson Burnett
  • Movie: “Dead Poets Society” “Matrix”
  • Band / Record: Irish Music              
  • Sea or mountains: Sea forever!!!!           
  • Summer or winter: Summer!!!!      
  • Dog or cat:  Cats!!!!    


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