Daniel Ernesto O.

Qualifications and experience: I´m a native Spanish speaker from Peru with a BA in Social Psychology and with more than 3 years of experience working in multicultural and educational programs (Poland and Czech Republic).

With EUFRAT since: May 2019

Language taught at EUFRAT: Spanish


Vaše hodnocení

  • Monika Z.: velmi zajímavé hodiny

Jak vyučuji

  • v Eufratu
  • ve firmě
  • Zoom
  • on-line


What brought you to the Czech Republic, and what made you to join EUFRAT team? 
After traveling around South America, my motivation to travel abroad brought me to Europe, then I discovered Czech Republic and I felt like I would really love to have the experience of living and working here for some years. After that, I had the opportunity to contact Eufrat, and I could start collaborating with them. I decided to collaborate with Eufrat because I liked the nice atmosphere that we have here.

What is, in your opinion, the mission of a language tutor? 
I strongly believe that being a language tutor is more than just teach a new language to someone. We really need to make the students get involved in the cultural life of the language, to really experience how is to live immersed in this language. We have to make our students feel like they are already living the real life in Spanish.

What would your students say about you?
I think they might say that I´m a nice and relaxed guy who likes to talk and discuss about many different topics, from music to philosophy, for example.

And how would you describe your students? 
This is a difficult question, along my whole experience I had different types of students. Usually, I can identify on them that they are motivated to learn Spanish because they like the culture, and they would love to travel to some hispanic country or meet new friends who speak Spanish.

Is there a lasting lesson you hope students take from your classes? 
I hope that all my students keep their curiosity to learn and discover new things in their life, and always dare to try without the fear of failing, because we will always have the opportunity to learn from our failings.

What is, according to you, the best thing about EUFRAT? 
I really like the flexibility that we have here.

Is there a message you would like to send to your future students?
I would like to say that never stop trying, and always take the opportunity to learn new things in life.

And briefly:

  • Favourite book: All the Dan Brown's books
  • Movie: Avatar, Matrix, Scary movie, Mean Girls.
  • Band / Record: Black eyed peas, Bad Bunny, Paramore, Imagine Dragons, MØ.
  • Sea or mountains:  Sea. I love Rio de Janeiro!!!          
  • Summer or winter:  Summer. I like the snow, but I don't like the cold weather.  
  • Dog or cat: Cats: I have both, but I would say that I like the personality of the cats.

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